Web design brief


Organisation profile

Appsolution is a mobile software developing company. Startup.

Website -

  • Mission and vision: This world goes to mobility. This life is more & more active. There're so many things to do at the same time. So this is the world we living.


And we would like to see our products us helping to make users lives more active, mobile, but simple, and giving a possibility to stay in touch, to get an office despite location.

We believe that...

  • Products: at first - applications for mobile devices, than - enterprise solutions


Key audiences - not focused. Each one who use a mobile technologies.


Website role

  • Inform
  • Provide access to product catalogues, service promotion, reference materials, media releases, etc.
  • Provide services
  • Provide of downloads of apps (web links posting).
  • Support operational activities
  • Field enquiries, process applications, etc.
  • Enable/support community interaction
  • Forums, group email, etc.
  • Facilitate events
  • Social networking center (mapping activity on twitter, Facebook, local social networks, liking etc.)


It doesn't need to create a website as a store of applications. Sales and downloads produced by using web links to other websites.