2016-2017 Pre-Professional Registration


Registration, Cancellation, and Release

Registration:  Students/Parents MUST submit a completed registration form, a registration fee and first month tuition payment prior to their first class.

  • Returning Students:    Must register in the level in which they are currently enrolled.
  • NEW Students:            Must register in the age appropriate class, based on the child’s age as of 8/31/16. After the first class, the school will notify   the parents if the student should be in a different level.
  • Adult Students:          Must fill out registration and release forms, pay registration fee and tuition for the first class prior to participating in class.

Class placement is at the discretion of the School’s Director and faculty.  Any necessary tuition adjustment will be made after appropriate class placement is determined.

Attendance:   Consistent attendance is required.  Students MUST notify the School’s office prior to any missed class.

Tuition:           Registration for the 2016/2017 School Term is a 9-month commitment.  Tuition for the school term is due at the time of registration and due by the 1st of each month thereafter for the remainder of the term. Monthly tuition payments will not be reduced or prorated for missed classes.  Tuition for any remaining months of the school term will be due immediately in the event of an unauthorized early withdrawal or cancellation.

By signing below, I understand that I will be responsible for 9 monthly tuition payments during the School Term.  I also understand that tuition for any remaining months of the School Term will be due immediately in the event of an unauthorized early withdrawal or cancellation.

Tuition payments will be considered late by the 5th of the month.  A $30.00 late payment fee will be assessed to each late tuition payment.  There will be a $30.00 NSF fee for every check returned to the school from the bank.


Withdrawal:  Withdrawal and cancellations will only be authorized in the event of a student relocating further than 50 miles from the school, for medical reasons or at the discretion of the School’s Director.  Notice of withdrawal or cancellation MUST be submitted to the School’s Office  In writing.

Media Release:  By signing below, I give permission for any photographers and/or television footage,  which may include my child, to be used for promotional purposes on television or in  newspapers, magazines, or other media.